Assessment 3 – User Flow


My interactive’s main user flow is completing the interactive itself. Anything located within the header (“More Info…” & “Find Us”), the “Learn More” button and the interactive features all serve as optional choices, deeming them as alternative user flow routes.

User Flow

Assessment 3 – Prototype Review

Quick Review

Visual Design

Colour Scheme

Annabel: Colours work well, I like the contrast between orange and blue…8/10
Lillian: Colours work well but I would suggest making the arrow brighter or lighter or bigger to make it more visible…8/10

Logo and brand elements

Annabel: Looks corporate very nice…7/10
Lillian: Very professional and suitable for target audience…8/10

Typography: Size, style and layout

Annabel: Typography works well together and suits the design…8/10
Lillian: Typography suits layout body text could be a bit bigger…8/10

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