Week 1 – Introduction to Interactive Design


Week one’s lecture pod provided a brief introduction into the field of Interaction Design by defining what it is alongside an explanation of what other types of design and design principles are at play within this field. Bill Verplank’s video clip provided some more insight into Interaction Design by explaining the three key questions that Interactive designers get asked frequently and how this affects the Interactive designer’s approach to their work. Gillian Crampton’s interview went a bit more in depth with this topic by tying in the mindset created by the three frequently asked questions with real life examples of Interaction Design and how people react to it. Experience Design was also touched upon through a flow chart explaining how Data becomes Wisdom and how this philosophy relates to the approach of Interaction Design.

This chart portrays the various design disciplines that contribute to Interactive Design


I think the defining of Interaction Design by Gillian Crampton was important where she stated that it’s “shaping our everyday lives through digital artefacts for work, for play and for entertainment” which provides a greater understanding of how designing something interactively can affect someone’s life. I also found that understanding the approach to Interaction Design was helpful, such as how Information Design and Graphic Design play a role within Interaction Design and how you must think about the target audience as the main priority and drive, for your final goal. “How can we make sure people don’t have to think about how to interact e.g. driving a car where once you have learnt how to do it, you don’t have to think about it, allowing for simultaneous thinking” is some added insight by Gillian on the thought process behind Interactive Design which I found useful in understanding the concept behind this field of design.

Gillian Crampton’s Interview: http://www.designinginteractions.com/interviews/GillianCramptonSmith

Bill Verplank’s – Interaction Design Clip: http://www.designinginteractions.com/interviews/GillianCramptonSmith

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