Assessment 2 – Outcomes

Task Description:

We were asked to come up with 10 different outcomes for our interactive, mind map it, and have a peer choose their favourite 3 and why.

Outcomes Mind Map

I came up with seven interactive outcomes total for my project and my peers chose their favourite four, indicated by the orange boxes. The following outcomes were chosen:

  1. Users will find the experience fun and the information shared, simplified and easy to understand
  2. Educating fisherman in training, about the consequences of overfishing
  3. Commercial fisherman will take more action in minimising their contribution to the overfishing issue
  4. The commercial fishing industry will take action in eradicating the issue of overfishing

Why were they chosen?

Outcome 3 and 4 are heavily tied together and show a spread in awareness to cause a change. Outcome 1 means users will be more inclined to take in the information if the interactive is creative and easy to understand. Outcome 2 shows the contextual approach for the interactive and acts as the catalyst for getting this information across to the people we expect to start taking action.

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