Precedent Presentation – Plastic Adrift

Link to site:

What is the interactive about?

  • It addresses the issue of plastic litter within the ocean
  • The interactive is about demonstrating where floating debris in the ocean end up over a span of 10 years depending on what part of the ocean you click on

Who is it designed for? (Target Audience)

  • The website is designed for teens – adults as the interface is quite gimmicky while the information provided is in depth, informative and detailed
  • People interested in finding out more about ocean pollution

What knowledge does it assume of the target audience?

  • The colours indicated by the cluster communicate the severity in the amounts of debris (red = large amount / green = light amount)

User Interactions and User Interface:

  • The interface is a rectangle with a map inside and this is where all the user interactions happen. The interaction allows you to click on any part of the ocean within the map defined by the blue parts and depending on where you click, a rubber duck icon will pop up along with a multi-coloured cluster informing you of where the plastic debris in that area will end up. The top right also shows you the time which is sped up to show the movement of the cluster around the map over the 10-year span and the top left allows you to change the experiment to show the plastic’s origin.

Visual Design (Layout/Colour/Typography):

  • Layout of the site is very simple, and the text is left aligned.
  • Colour is very minimal with all text being blue, the same colour as the logo and tabs, to perhaps convey a marine theme.
  • Typography demonstrated looks very generic and boring without much difference between headings and body text.
  • Light blue text allows you to jump to other sites for more information.
  • The style of the site is simple and friendly, it lets people get clear information.
The Interactive


  • Make the visual layout more exciting to hold the viewers interest to keep them more intrigued and excited about finding out more.
  • The home page could use with an introductory paragraph to provide more context to the interactive instead of providing an FAQ tab that addresses majority of the confusion behind the interface.
  • The map should provide more information like ocean names and capital cities.
  • The interface could be more efficient with its functions and loading times.
    • There is no way to pause the timer to view where the debris will sit during a certain time
    • The interface lags when you click in different locations quickly
    • The top left function doesn’t really work when distinguishing between “Showing plastic origin” and “Showing where plastic will end up”

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