Assessment 2 – Interface Design

Task Description:

We were instructed to provide three variations of our interface, making slight alterations to the layout.

Interface Designs

Peer Feedback

Target Audience

  • Easily identifiable as teens to young adults, works well for the wide range
  • Colours work well, not too bright, meant for mature audience

Look and Feel/ Visual Design

  • Nice colour scheme
  • Easy, clear and direct layout
  • Would prefer the 2nd Interactive Design over the 1st

Navigational Elements and Layout

  • Easy to understand
  • Clear
  • Direct and straightforward
  • Felt that everything had it’s own spot/place/section on the page so it’s not crowded

Colour Scheme

  • Blues for neutral colour and orange for a pop of colour
  • Gradient adds depth and mimics the ocean

Overall Visual Identity

  • Branding wise, tells the audience what it’s about
  • Straightforward

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