Week 6 – User Scenario


What are User Scenarios?

  • The stories that your personas act out
  • Thoughts and exercises, in which you predict how different users will interact with your website in a given situation in order to complete a given goal
  • Let you understand what your future users will look for when trying to complete tasks on your site
  • Provides visual representation of your problem when a user fails to perform the task to solve later
  • Allows you to test your site structure before it’s fully developed and isolate problems before they become problems
  • They should outline the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How?
Example of user scenario mapping with posted notes

How does a User Scenario work?

Lux’s website

Lux is an international art agency based in London who conducted a user scenario for their website. Their central purpose was to provide everyday users with various types of video art and they also gave developmental support for moving image artists. Their user scenario is described below:

  • The user persona, Harriet, is a local art event organiser and she needs to find a great film for her December event.
  • Getting into her psyche, she is looking for a film with a winter theme.
  • Her motivation might be that she needs to attract a larger than average audience to make up for a small failure from her last screening.
  • Harriet starts out on the home page and quickly conducts a search, she watches a few clips here and there and decides on a film that interests her.
  • She reads some details about the film and some reviews from Lux and other sources and bookmarks the artist for later.
  • Finally she puts the film in her basket and hires the artist during checkout.
  • Harriet successfully completed her goal.
Recap of User Scenarios


When breaking down what a user scenario entitles, it was a lot easier to apply to my user personas when creating my own user scenario as it addressed the concept as fictional stories your personas act out that outline the who, what, when, where, why and how? The example of a user scenario by Lux helped clarify the outcome and purpose of a user scenario when applying it to my own interactive.

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