Assessment 2 – Peer Review

Phase 1: The Interactive

Visual Design

Does the title design engage you?

Lillian: Relates to target audience…8/10
Annabel: Sounds dramatic and intense…7/10

Is the colour scheme of the project appropriate?

Lillian: Relates to ocean context…9/10
Annabel: Complimentary colours – suits context…9/10

Is the name distinctive, recognisable, attributable and memorable?

Lillian: It is not really memorable for your target audience…6/10
Annabel: It’s not really memorable but unique and original…7/10

Is the typography consistent?

Lillian: Suitable for interactive…9/10
Annabel: Typefaces work well together, Aileron font is easily readable …9/10

Visual design: Is it visually appealing?

Lillian: Unique style and creative…10/10
Annabel: Suits target audience with vibrant colours and graphics…10/10

What is your opinion on the logo design?

Lillian: Relatable to the environmental issue…8/10
Annabel: I like the concept of the fish and death…7/10

What one word would you use to describe the personality of the design?

Lillian: Unusual
Annabel: Formal


Does the interactive allow you to understand something you didn’t know before? Does it help you learn or do something?

Lillian: Allows users to engage in information in a creative way…10/10
Annabel: Unique way of displaying and teaching information…10/10

Is there enough interactivity planned? Or do you need more information about the prototype?

Lillian: Information is explained well…9/10
Annabel: It is explained well…10/10

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