Assessment 2 – Peer Review

Phase 2: The Logo


Does the colour scheme of the title or logo work?

Lillian: Yes, because the colour scheme is consistent throughout and applied to the logo…8/10
Yes, I like the color combo of orange and blue, esp since the blue is muted…8/10

Does the font work?

Lillian: Yes, font works well. Especially for the title as the san serif font coincides with the white outlines in the logo…9/10
Yes, the font is slim and matches well with the logo aesthetic …9/10

Does the title have high visibility?

Lillian: The title works well with the colour scheme as the white works well with the orange background and can be clearly read…10/10
Yes it stands out against the dark blue…9/10

Is the title distinctive, recognisable, attributable and memorable?

Lillian: The title is distinctive however, not sure it is going to be memorable for the specific audience you are targeting…7/10
The title is unique but it may not be the most memorable…8/10

Is the title scalable-readily identifiable even as at very small size?

Lillian: Yes you have shown the different sized fonts well and at any scale the content can be read clearly…10/10
Yes the title would be identifiable scaled small, however the logo may be harder to see?…8/10


What one word would you use to describe the personality of the design?

Lillian: Futuristic

Does the title design reflect the project?

Lillian: Yes, It represents the project theme especially when the title is next to the logo it’s able to identify the topic…9/10
Yes the colour scheme works well for the target audience and the logo’s idea incorporates the message of the interactive…10/10

Is the concept of the title easy to identify?

Lillian: Yes, it states the concept that it will be addressing…10/10

Is the title design timeless?

Lillian: Yes, it is planned out well…9/10
The simpleness of the logo makes it timeless, doesn’t involve trends…9/10


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