Assessment 2 – Peer Review

Phase 2: The Logo

After receiving feedback from my tutor after Assessment 2, he suggested I try out a variant of the logo that only used one colour. I experimented with logos that used purely orange tones and purely blue tones and found that the blue variant was more attractive. After comparing the monochrome logo with my original logo, I felt as though it was drowned out by the heavy use of blue in my interactive’s colour scheme and decided to stick with the original as the orange helps it pop more.


Does the colour scheme of the title or logo work?

Lillian: Yes, because the colour scheme is consistent throughout and applied to the logo…8/10
Yes, I like the color combo of orange and blue, esp since the blue is muted…8/10

Does the font work?

Lillian: Yes, font works well. Especially for the title as the san serif font coincides with the white outlines in the logo…9/10
Yes, the font is slim and matches well with the logo aesthetic …9/10

Does the title have high visibility?

Lillian: The title works well with the colour scheme as the white works well with the orange background and can be clearly read…10/10
Yes it stands out against the dark blue…9/10

Is the title distinctive, recognisable, attributable and memorable?

Lillian: The title is distinctive however, not sure it is going to be memorable for the specific audience you are targeting…7/10
The title is unique but it may not be the most memorable…8/10

Is the title scalable-readily identifiable even as at very small size?

Lillian: Yes you have shown the different sized fonts well and at any scale the content can be read clearly…10/10
Yes the title would be identifiable scaled small, however the logo may be harder to see?…8/10


What one word would you use to describe the personality of the design?

Lillian: Futuristic

Does the title design reflect the project?

Lillian: Yes, It represents the project theme especially when the title is next to the logo it’s able to identify the topic…9/10
Yes the colour scheme works well for the target audience and the logo’s idea incorporates the message of the interactive…10/10

Is the concept of the title easy to identify?

Lillian: Yes, it states the concept that it will be addressing…10/10

Is the title design timeless?

Lillian: Yes, it is planned out well…9/10
The simpleness of the logo makes it timeless, doesn’t involve trends…9/10

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