Assessment 2 – Moodboard/Sitemap/Wireframes

Task Description:

We were tasked with first creating a combined moodboard based on our two user personas, then to sitemap our website/app and lastly, creating wireframes of our key pages within our website/app.

User Personas Moodboard

Moodboard based on my two user personas

The moodboard above is based on my two user personas, the first of the two being a university student studying marine biology and the second being a zoologist. I used images that addressed the personas, their technological approach to the interactive, their locations, their occupation, and the issue they are wanting to learn more about.


A sitemap of my website where my interactive will be located


The wireframes above demonstrate all the key pages within my site, starting with my home page which will act as my landing page and showcase my interactive on the impacts of overfishing. The next page is the “More Info…” page which is a collection of pages that address all the four areas impacted by the issue of overfishing, which are; Species Population Decline, Ecosystems, Fishing Industry and Socio-Economic. These pages all have the same layout, represented in the second wireframe. The final wireframe shows the “Find Us” page which will open google maps type of interactive that shows users all the aquariums nearby (in their country) utilising the kiosk with this interactive on them.

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